If you think you have eaten anything that moves, try some of the crazy food items in a Vietnamese restaurant. We guarantee the variety will surprise you. In this article, we will try to explore a few of the craziest Vietnamese foods.

  1. Durian – Sau Rieng

If you’ve ever been to South East Asia, you might have encountered Durian – an extremely smelly sweet tasting tropical fruit. With Durian, there is no middle path, you either love it or hate it. Many Metros trains services have a notice which warns passengers from carrying durian fruit in their service. You can consume it either as raw fruit or as a dish. You can find durian in chesaurieng, (durian sweet soup), or fried durian pie (banh sauriengchien). But be warned, it is not for everyone.

  1. Bun Dau Mam Tom – fermented shrimp paste noodle

Some dishes on this list are extremely stinky and you may run away from them even before you taste them. Bun Dau Mam Tom is one such stinky dish. To give you an idea, the fermented shrimp paste smell is quite close to dirty socks. If you add a little kumquat and a few chilies, the smell may improve a bit.

  1. Frog

Yes, the Vietnamese have dishes with frogs in them. In fact, it is a favorite beer snack for the Vietnamese people. The tiny frogs are skinned and gutted before they are fried, grilled or steamed. Apart from snacks, you can find them in frog curry and porridge.

  1. Rat

This one is not for the squeamish. A couple of Viet dishes like chuot rang muoi and chuotxaoxaot use rat as their main ingredient. They only use the rats that eat rice for all these dishes.

Now that you know a few of the crazy ingredients, try and see if you like it.